World Values Initiative


– Looking for active members with a sense of purpose – 



You are engaged with what you do, and you are prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to make something great.


You pursue your goals and dreams with passion and determination, but also with joy and great love for what you do.


You seek out new opportunities to learn and grow, take responsibility and engage in interesting and challenging conversation.


You are open to change, new ideas, and to be challenged in order to learn and grow. You are non-judging and accepting.


Personal Growth
  • This is what we are all about: growing as individuals!


  • As a member, you will grow more than anyone else


  • Life-long impact
  • Unique combination of education and practice


  • Perfect if you want to be a leader at any point in the future


  • Improve your current leadership
  • Create a network of future leaders


  • Contacts that will help you later in life


  • Friends to discuss interesting topics of self-development with
  • Get high-demand experience relevant for modern jobs
  • Team leadership, running projects
  • Entrepreneurship experience of starting your own projects


Open Positions

Check out our open positions or apply with an open application to join as a regular member and help out wherever is needed.


We’re looking for someone who wants to step into a leading role and lead this organisation forward: a hard-working visionary. There is a lot of potential in this organisation, and it’s the presidents job to utilize it all.

Organisation Developer

Do you want to help and shape the future of our organization? The Organizational Development team focuses on strategy, vision and longetivity. We analyze the current situation and try to find the most successful way ahead. In this work you will learn a lot about organizational structure, leadership, information management and teamwork.


Do you like keeping track of money or would like to learn? Apply for treasurer.

Workshop Team Member

Do you want to hold your own workshop, practice speaking in front of an audience and deliver high-quality personal development material to your fellow students and community? Apply for a workshop team member.


Since our organisation is dynamic, so is our webpage. We need an enthusiastic frontend developer who wants to keep our webpage updated and make it look even better.

Release & Marketing

We are working hard to reach out to students and student organizations – but our impact could be even greater with your help! We are looking for someone with either skill or great interest, and preferably both, that would love to get engaged to practice their marketing skills and help us get a greater reach.


If you are interested in joining WVI Lund or simply want to know more about us, please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

To apply to join, simply send a short letter of motivation in the form below, explaining a little bit about who you are and why you would like to join, or email it to