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The WVI Offer

Lead. Grow. Create.

All members are encouraged to engage, lead and create their own projects, and the organization will support your individual growth in the direction you want. 

National Network

It’s not just our monthly hangouts, kickoffs and parties. You also become a part of an exclusive National Forum with highly skilled and successful students and alumni with similar interests. 

Professional facilitator training

SelfLeaders and VALUE. are two of our partner companies that train us to become better facilitators. You get access to their expertise, as well as internal education material across the organization.


Our Team


Oskar Hägg 

Head of Internal Development

Elliot Magnusson 



Sofia Hjort

Product Developer


Anton Hjert

Head of Treasury


What roles we are looking to fill

Digital creative

Whether it is documenting events through photography or videography, designing posters that stand out, or making sure the website is on point and updated; you either got it already, or have always wanted to learn. 

Talent Management & Organizational Development 

What makes people tick is something that intrigues you. Help us design our culture and organization through internal activities and processes, to facilitate the fire that burns in us all, and finding innovative ways of recruiting new members. 

Facilitator and Product developer

You have a voice which is in need of being heard. Whether it’s public speaking in front of hundreds, or intimate facilitation for an individual, you have the will and drive to master the art. You also like coming up with new concepts for workshops and projects that goes in line with our values.


You are a leader and an entrepreneur. Not afraid to dig in to all areas of responsibility that comes with taking charge, and setting a route for the organization long term. You love building teams, and delivering. At the same time, you are the organizations voice and last stand, and has total freedom to customize the role to your own needs. The biggest challenge truly does have the highest reward. 

Head of External Relations 

You love building meaningful relationships. This role create win-win situations by providing long term value for our external partners, while finding new ways of expanding the scope of our offering. 

Project Leader: Introduction weeks

Remember the first time you stomped in as a student at LiU? Imagine giving back the gift of the WVI perspective on importance of personal values already from day 0 of the education of hundreds of students. Already a successful concept in Lund which reaches over 1000 students every year, you got the support and tools to make it happen. The question is, are you up for the challenge? 


How to apply?

Even if you don’t feel that any of the specific advertised roles are speaking to you, or have more detailed questions about the roles, don’t hesitate to reach out! Anyone who wants to work towards the vision of WVI is welcome to apply. 

Send an email with a short(500 word max) letter of motivation to the email adress below, and we will respond shortly